Skinologie Beaumont's Signature Facial is a ozone-based facial that is customized to meet your specific skincare needs. We are constantly exposed to contaminants. They're in the food we eat and the air we breathe. A healthy body eliminates many of these wates products naturally through the skin. But when contaminants build-up, they become stored in our cells, essentially aging the body and your skin. Skinologie’s ozone detox facial targets and eliminates these “free-radicals” that inhibit and clog cells to restore skin cell function and eliminate the buildup of unwanted contaminants. 


why it works

Oxygen is one of the most powerful methods of natural detoxification. Cells use oxygen to create energy. Ozone (O3), or activated oxygen, works by supplying the body with extra oxygen. Just like the electrifying atmosphere after a thunderstorm, O3 is used to revitalize and energize the body. The oxygen will naturally destroy any harmful bacteria and eliminate free-radicals on contact. By supplying cells with their energy source, as opposed to allowing cells to function at a lower level, ozone therapy works to reverse the flow of deterioration, fighting the aging process.

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used to treat

Oily skin  •  Fine lines & wrinkles   •  Uneven or rough skin texture  •  Acne & blackheads  •  Dull complexion   •  Enlarged pores

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the procedure

Skinologie uses a systematic approach in detoxifying facial skin. After cleansing, toning and exfoliating, the skin’s surface is exposed to ozonated steam to open the pores to metabolize bacteria, spores, contaminants, free-radicals and other toxins. Then a special ozone wand is use to infuse skin with oxygen. Finally, Skinologie’s detoxifying mint masque is gently massaged into the skin to remove oxidized materials from the skin. While the mask sets, you'll be pampered with a complimentary hand and neck massage. 

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