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before instructions

Preparing the skin for this procedure will ensure optimum results. Healthy skin will respond better and results will last longer. In the days leading up to the procedure, use moisturizers and sunscreen liberally.
- No Retin-A products or applications for 12 hours prior to treatment.
- No Auto-immune therapies or products for 12 hours prior to treatment.
- No prolonged sun exposure or sun burns to the treatment area 24 hours prior to treatment.
- Skin should be clean and make-up free.
- If an active or extreme acne breakout occurs before treatment, please contact the office.

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Microneedling, also known as Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy, dermaroller or dermastamp, is an effective treatment for scars from acne, surgery or other causes and stretch marks. The procedure is also an alternative to laser resurfacing for people with thin skin.  It is safe for any skin type and color.  PCIT naturally stimulates the production of new collagen and allows topical medications to reach underneath the top layer of skin, giving your skin its firmness, strength and elasticity. New collagen production continues from up to 12 months after the procedure.

after instructions

You will look and feel sunburned after the treatment. Severity of redness will depend on how aggressive the treatment was performed. The skin may feel tight, dry, swollen, and sensitive to the touch. The treated area may appear darker and the darkened skin may flake off within 1 week. Avoid picking or exfoliating the area and allow old skin to flake off naturally.
- After the treatment, take precautions against sun exposure. Do not apply sunscreen for 12 hours due to the skin’s channels being open for a period of time and due to the toxic nature of some sunscreens on the market.
- Do not perform any vigorous exercise for at least 12 hours after treatment.
- Do not apply make-up for at least 12 hours after the treatment.
- Microneedling may trigger a cold sore response in patients with a history of cold sores and a prophylaxis medication should be recommended to those who are prone to breakouts.
- Wash the face thoroughly a few hours after treatment. Gently massage the face with tepid water, and remove all serum and other debris such as dried blood.
- For the first 1-3 days the skin will be very dry and feel tight.
- On the first two days after the procedure, redness (like a moderate sunburn) and swelling are common, but should subside by day 3.
- Sleep on your back with your head elevated slightly to reduce swelling.
- After 2-3 days patients can return to regular skin care products or as soon as it is comfortable to do so.
- Avoid alcohol based toners 10-14 days.
- Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 10 days if possible.

the procedure

During the procedure, the practitioner uses a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Then a specialized device covered in tiny needles is passed over the skin causing hundreds of microscopic injuries to the skin. This induces a process of wound healing that is followed by the production of new collagen. Depressed acne scars, wrinkles, skin texture and tightness are all improved as a result.  Dramatic improvements of up to 80% correction have been achieved in one treatment. 

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used to treat

Blemished skin  •  Acne scars  •  Burn scars  •  Fine lines and wrinkles  •  Stretch marks  •  Surgery scars and other types of scarring  •  Pot marks or uneven skin surface


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